Leadership Letter


Dear Friends,

A year is a short timeframe when you consider that A New Leaf has been serving Valley residents for an incredible 46 years. But 2016 was historic in its own way for all of the noteworthy events, campaigns and programs by which A New Leaf mobilized our community.

This past year was filled to the brim with milestones that made even the most bashful volunteer stand up and cheer. Successful results like our La Mesita Capital and Family Services Campaign, certification of A New Leaf by The Joint Commission, the expansion of our Faith House program – each of these reflects the quality of our community partnerships and the appeal of our mission outcomes. These events showcase the tireless work of our donors, volunteers and supporters who make A New Leaf such an impactful organization.

At the heart of it all is you. Your contributions to A New Leaf, each unique and diverse, bring a wealth of resources, talent, activism and pride to our mission.  Your generosity has played a central role in expanding the reach of our programs to a record number of individuals: 22,047 people in total served this past year. Each of those lives was changed in a meaningful way. Hearts were healed. Families were united. Dreams were discovered. This transformation of mind and body is what sets A New Leaf apart.

As we gain momentum for 2017 facing a horizon of new ventures, new ways of doing business, new technology, and more, we find our compass in the values we hold dear as well as in our founders’ legacy of compassionate community service.

All of our staff and volunteers at A New Leaf are committed, each and every day, to providing hope and a fresh start to our clients and to the community. On behalf of the Board of Directors and A New Leaf’s staff, we salute you for your caring spirit and willingness to share your hope with Valley residents. May you have a successful and bright 2017!