Values of A New Leaf

Clarity of Purpose

We align our work to achieve our mission of “Helping Families,..Changing Lives."  We ensure each of us is focused on our unique contribution to the success of each individual we serve and of A New Leaf as a whole.  We use our history, experience, and skills to plan with care for a strong, sustainable future.

Passion for Results

We believe in being a catalyst for transformational change in our community and in the lives of the individuals we serve. We are committed to achieving the goals we set, using our resources wisely and holding ourselves accountable for our actions. We believe the most successful outcomes are created through collaborative effort.


We act from compassion, treating everyone with respect and kindness. We actively listen to fully understand and genuinely empathize with each other’s realities.  We act as advocates for those we serve.


We believe in doing what’s right. We believe in leading by example. We embrace transparency to ensure trust with our clients, volunteers, donors and each other. We operate on ethical principles, holding our mission of serving our community as our priority.


We believe that “good enough” is just a starting point. We challenge ourselves to exceed our industry’s standards and our stakeholders’ expectations – they deserve our best work. We invest in talent. We engage with each other to do better. We encourage the sharing of ideas and believe innovation and creativity can overcome any obstacle thrown our way.