donor impact report 2017

What does a new start look like? For some, it’s a safe home or food on the table. For others, it’s a healthy child, good job, or financial stability. Families and individuals facing difficult challenges turn to A New Leaf for a new start.

you made it possible

Thank you for making 2017 such an incredible year for A New Leaf. We celebrated 47 years of serving Valley residents through housing, health and community services. With your support, we served 24,275 people last year – a new record!

With you on our side, we look forward to providing hope and a fresh start to our clients and to the community in 2018.

2017 highlights

You can take pride knowing that your support of A New Leaf has provided real and positive change in our community. Here are a few highlights from 2017:

  • A New Leaf celebrated serving the Valley for 47 years with compassionate care and life-saving programs.

  • Phase 3 of the La Mesita Community has been completed, offering 30 additional units of supportive housing.

  • A New Leaf adopted a new brand mark and logo, incorporating a heart to reflect the caring spirit and impact of our donors, volunteers, and staff.

  • Arizona Women's Education & Employment (AWEE) merged with A New Leaf, widening its service portfolio to the Valley.

  • Phoenix Day merged with A New Leaf, bringing more than 100 years of experience in early childhood education.

  • DV STOP (Domestic Violence Safe Temporary Overflow Program) expanded services with a new location and life-saving support after doubling the number of survivors served last year.

  • 3,954 people volunteered 23,444 hours at A New Leaf - equating to $565,938.

changing lives, one person at a time

  • Suffering from abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Lonique came to A New Leaf looking for hope and a new path in life.
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  • When her husband was laid off from his job for an injury, Stacy struggled to find work but then she discovered A New Leaf.
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  • Dr. Duane Wooten was raised in the housing projects, but his time at Phoenix Day helped him grow and succeed in life.
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2017 Outcomes


Financial figures are from fiscal year 2016 - 2017. For the audit statement and 990 form, please visit our site's Financial Figures Page.

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a year of expansion

A New Leaf is growing and expanding to better serve Valley residents. Last year, A New Leaf acquired two additional programs:  Arizona Women’s Education & Employment (AWEE) and Phoenix Day. This important step means that AWEE and Phoenix Day will be on a firm path to sustainability while expanding valuable services to other locations across the Valley.  Together, A New Leaf’s programs are saving lives and making a real and lasting impact in our community thanks to your generous support! Enjoy this heart-warming video about our AWEE program, which provides workforce development, mentoring, and entrepreneurship to vulnerable families in Central Arizona.

committed to diversity

We celebrate our community’s changing diversity and are committed to treating people of all cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives with equality, respect, and compassion.

Client Ethnicity

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