Welcome to A New Leaf's New Website

Welcome to A New Leaf’s new website. The site showcases a fresh design, more intuitive navigation, more relatable imagery and new content.

Developed in partnership with Firespring, one of the most trusted website developers in the nonprofit industry, the new website features news and event information, as well as three major sections of content: About Us, Services, and Make a Difference. The homepage offers compelling imagery with a rotating spotlight and an easy-to-use navigation bar at the top and below the fold.

You will find one-click access to the donation pages, plus the latest jobs at A New Leaf and community resources. You can send a message to Info@TurnaNewLeaf.org and you can learn about A New Leaf’s mission and history.

The services section contains helpful updates on programs, contact information and a “find help” now page for those in a crisis situation. New content around philanthropy and community partnerships has been added to the site, including impact gifts, cause marketing, corporate and foundation giving, workplace giving and how to make a difference.

We are excited about the new website, and we invite you to take a look. If you have suggestions for improvement or comments about the site, please send a message to Info@TurnaNewLeaf.org. Enjoy the site!