Five Tips to Help the Homeless

You never quite know their story. We pass them every day. Sometimes we notice and sometimes we don't. Despite their unfortunate situation, every homeless man or woman you see has a story.

Here are a few ways to engage and help homeless people today:

• A simple hello and have a good day will go a long way.
• Carry packaged food such as snack bars, chips, bottled water, etc.
• A pack of wipes, hand sanitizer, lotion and other basic hygiene products can easily improve a situation.
• During winter months, have an extra blanket, scarf, pair of gloves or jacket to help warm the cold nights. In the summer, carry t-shirts and/or sunscreen to help lighten the day.
• Tell your family and friends what you are doing. This may encourage someone else to #payitforward.

Offer your help first based on what you have to offer. Be prepared for them to say no, as they may or may not require it at the time or feel uncomfortable accepting. Do not get discouraged. Smile and tell them to have a wonderful day. There are other people you may run into who could use your help.

* Reprinted from The Guidance Center