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“Thank you for giving me and my daughter a safe home.”


“I had an 18 month old child and I was living in my car to get away from my abusive husband. Let me tell you, it is truly horrible to live in your car during the summer – when the temperature gets to over 100 degrees even at night. I needed help, but I was too broken to ask for it.” 

After facing abuse for over a year from her husband, Adriana fled her home with her daughter, some clothes, a few diapers, and little more. Adriana was terrified of being found by her husband, and even more afraid of having her child taken from her since she was homeless. Not knowing she could ask an organization like A New Leaf for help, she waited nearly three months before she reached out for assistance. 

“All these horrible things had happened, I just didn’t want anyone else to know about our situation. I convinced myself that if I tried to talk to anyone, it would only make things worse. But one night I called A New Leaf’s domestic violence hotline and ended up talking to someone for nearly an hour. I didn’t mean to, but I just poured out my soul and said I needed help.” 


Adriana was told that she could come in for an intake and that she would never be in danger of having her daughter taken away. In fact, she and her daughter could get shelter that same night at A New Leaf’s Faith House Domestic Violence Shelter. After talking everything out, Adriana decided to take a chance. 

“If they hadn’t been so nice to me on the phone and answered every question I had, I might not have come in. But they took the time to hear my story and make me feel safe. No one had done that for me in years. I hadn’t opened my heart up like that in years, let alone to a stranger over the phone. But it worked out better than I ever imagined.” 

Adriana drove to A New Leaf’s shelter that night with her daughter and slept in a safe, private bedroom for the first time since leaving her husband. The sense of security and stability were overwhelming at first, and Adriana struggled to accept that things were going to be okay. 


“We went from being entirely alone and hopeless, to having a home and people to support us. It was a big transition, but we needed it. I decided to enroll in counseling at the shelter, so I could process everything we had been through. I knew I needed to work on myself if I wanted to be successful after leaving.”

With a little help, Adriana found a new job and saved up for an apartment. Within 4 months, she and her daughter moved into a new home. It was a milestone in Adriana’s life. She finally had good work and was able to support her family completely by herself. 

“Everything in my life changed when I finally called for help. It’s been over a year since that night and I never imagined life would be this good. All I know is that the staff at A New Leaf are some of the nicest, most patient people I’ve ever met. They got me through the hardest time in my life, and now I’m where I’m supposed to be. Now I’m happy.”


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A New Leaf’s Faith House is a 24-hour Emergency Shelter in Maricopa County for single adult females, and adult females with children who are experiencing domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness, or other urgent circumstances.

Faith House is composed of 20 living units providing a safe and supportive environment for those in need. Every survivor coming into shelter will be provided three meals a day, basic living needs, and connection to resources. As the longest operating domestic violence shelter in Arizona, Faith House has a long legacy of service to survivors in need.

Our compassionate staff offer comprehensive support to help survivors address their trauma through empowerment activities, personal and legal advocacy, and referrals to counseling services. Other support includes assistance with employment, childcare, and transportation resources as needed.

With a home-like feel, the shelter always prioritizes safety and comfort. Security is a top priority, with staff working round the clock to protect survivors. The shelter is hosted at a confidential location with onsite security precautions and a gated entry.

Faith House represents a critical community resource in the West Valley, assisting people on their healing journey with services tailored to their unique needs. We believe in offering resources needed to help survivors attain long-term safety, stability and independence.

Contributed by:

Joe Dulin

Tanner Swanson

Communications Manager

A New Leaf


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