After I called, I was assigned Linda as a Court Advocate. She guided me through all of the proceedings to protect myself and my son. To know that A New Leaf was able to give me shelter, child care, or more if I needed it, was a huge relief. It made me feel safe making the choice to leave.”

“As working parents, it’s been hard for me and my husband to find childcare that would accept an infant. More so, it is hard to find childcare I would trust with my infant,” says Alison, mother of Addison, 5, and Bishop, 9 months. “Kids can easily fall behind or go to school unprepared without a quality early childhood education, that makes you nervous.”


“But, once we found A New Leaf’s Phoenix Day, we knew our children were in good hands. We trusted that our children were going to not only learn, but would be loved and given the attention they needed to reach key developmental milestones,” says Alison.


“The teachers are so attentive and caring, and the curriculum is filled with learning activities and enrichment. We enrolled both Addison and Bishop when we realized how incredible A New Leaf really is.”


“I have no doubt that Addison will be ready for kindergarten thanks to A New Leaf, and Bishop is growing by leaps and bounds every day. I would encourage everyone I know to donate to A New Leaf and support these programs that have so impacted my family. Please, donate.”


Thanks to the generous support of donors like you, Alison’s children have a brighter future, and will start school prepared for kindergarten.


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