Laurel came into shelter seeking safety from physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her long-time boyfriend. Upon arrival, she faced many different challenges coping with her experiences. She found solace in just sharing her story with our Advocates’ trained ears. As CAAFA’s shelter staff continued to meet with her and help her work through her trauma, she was willing to show more of her true personality.


She eventually opened up to Shelter Advocates and shared that her abuser made her give her younger children up for adoption, and as a result, it was very painful for her to be around other young children. She was caring and vulnerable, yet determined to continue moving forward with her life.


Our Advocates helped her begin to search for a job, which was necessary in order to live independently after shelter. She became frustrated when she felt like she was failing all of her interviews. We supported her by providing interviewing tips and assuring her that the job seeking process can be lengthy—it was just a matter of applying for the right opportunity at the right time.


She persevered and was hired at a local business! Laurel continued to partner with CAAFA’s Advocates for her remaining weeks at shelter, setting case goals, and mapping out her new life. Upon exiting shelter, she had secured a new, safe apartment, and felt empowered to continue her journey toward rebuilding her sense of self.”


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