Chris and Toria Trendler

The Power of Giving Locally

Chris and Toria Trendler are third generation Mesa residents, and are passionate about their local community. Nothing is more important to them then the place they call home, and they are actively working to make it a better place.

“You have an obligation to give back to the community you come from. I am only where I am today because I grew up in Mesa. I have the luxury of standing on the shoulders of giants, and that means something, so I give back any way I can.”

The Trendler’s also know that their success could change at any moment, that life holds uncertainties, and that making it a priority to help when they can is critical.

“We wanted to make an impact in a very real way – we wanted our money out there helping people in need, not sitting in a bank account or going to a brand. We think we’ve found the right organization to get that done with A New Leaf.”

You Can Help Too