Sexual Violence Survivor Advocacy and Support Services

Trauma Informed Support

Sexual Violence Survivor Advocacy and Support Services (SVSASS) addresses the short and long term emotional safety and healing needs of those who have experienced sexual trauma, regardless of the context in which it occurred. Sexual Violence includes all forms of unwanted/unsolicited sexual experiences and is not dependent on the relationship to the offender.

Recognizing the gap in services within our community, A New Leaf's SVSASS offers free and confidential trauma-informed services such as personal advocacy and support for adult and teen (15+) survivors of sexual violence.

SVSASS believes in:

  • Trusting that survivors are the experts in their own healing journey

  • Providing survivor-centered trauma informed services

  • Assisting survivors in understanding triggers and developing coping skills

  • Increasing survivors awareness of options and resources in our community

  • Offering ongoing emotional support and empowerment

RISE Support Group

The RISE (Resilience in Shared Experience) Support Group, in partnership with CAAFA, is a free program for survivors of sexual violence. Safe and confidential, RISE will help you to:

  • Know You Are Not Alone
  • Explore Coping Skills
  • Understand the Effects of Trauma

Tuesdays 6:00PM - 7:00PM MST

Meet Virtually over Zoom

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Contact Information

For questions on group or personalized advocacy, please email or call (480) 733-3028. All appointments are free and confidential.

Program Staff

Wendy Romo

SVSASS Coordinator

(602) 692-1879

Dana Martinez

Director of Domestic and Sexual Violence Services

(480) 964-0683 X 4704