Family Preservation Program

Positive Family Growth Through Quality Services

The Family Preservation Program, also known as In-Home Services, focuses on child safety and family well- being. The Family Preservation Program (FPP) provides an array of services that strengthens and seeks to see families thrive. 

The primary goal of the Family Preservation Program is to provide a family support by implementing change that results in a positive and healthy environment for children and families. Tailored to the needs of a family, the Family Preservation Program is a  unique, goal-oriented, time-limited, in-home crisis intervention. 

Families work with qualified and compassionate staff that:

  • Administers comprehensive assessments that will help families to implement positive change
  • Provide parental education, training, and resources
  • Identify additional services families would benefit from
  • Build positive rapport with families

Program Eligibility

Eligibility requires a referral from The Department of Child Safety Children. The Family Preservation Program ensures that its services are accessible, comprehensive, culturally responsive, and community based.


Services are conveniently provided in the family’s home during the hours the family is available.

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