Arizona Women's Education and Employment (AWEE)

What is AWEE?

Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE) makes it possible for generous people in our community to help women overcome obstacles and get better jobs, creating better tomorrows for themselves, their families and their communities. Because of our long-term partnerships with Arizona’s top employers, clients are able to meet with our state’s best organizations. Providing someone with the opportunity to earn dignity through work gives them the power to transform their life.

Since 1981, the AWEE program has helped more than 200,000 clients find better jobs for better tomorrows. It’s what makes AWEE a trusted, evidence-based workforce development provider in Arizona.

In 2017, Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE) merged with A New Leaf to increase community outreach and expand key services across the Central Arizona. A New Leaf now operates AWEE as a key community program.

Who does AWEE serve?

You make it possible for clients to overcome obstacles and transform their lives. Women – and men – from all walks of life who are underemployed, unemployed, re-entering the workforce, changing careers or starting a business can be connected to the resources, help and support they need to find a better job to create a better tomorrow for themselves, their family and their community. 

What services does AWEE offer?

AWEE connects clients with better jobs for better tomorrows. By providing specialized programs that give resources, help, and support clients need, they can move beyond their own obstacles to realize a better tomorrow for themselves, their families and their communities.

We also connect each client to Arizona’s top employers, so that clients can find the right position. Lastly, we can connect clients to a supportive community that offers essential caring, nurturing and advocacy for long-term career success.

See the variety of resources and assistance offered to AWEE clients:

Contact Information

  • Physical Address:       4520 N. Central, Suite 550, Phoenix, AZ 85012
  • Mailing Address:         868 East University Drive, Mesa, AZ 85203
  • Business Phone:        (602) 601-7215