Kinship Licensing

Licensing Foster Care Families

The preferred placement for a child in foster care is with relatives or other adults with whom the child already has an established relationship. Kinship caregivers do not need to become licensed to accept placement of a child, but it is highly encouraged. A foster care license will provide a kinship caregiver with financial assistance, guidance, and support throughout this journey. Kinship families will only be licensed for the children placed in their care, unless otherwise specified.

Approximately 65% of A New Leaf's foster families are licensed kinship homes. 

Additional Support

When the training and licensing processes are complete, A New Leaf’s staff closely facilitates transitioning the right child into the right home and provides ongoing monitoring and support to all foster and adoptive families.

Additional services include:

Foster Parent Requirements

Potential foster care parents and/or Respite Providers must meet the following requirements:

  • 21 years of age (18 to adopt a relative)
  • Level 1 Fingerprint card, (can be completed at time of licensing)
  • Must pass criminal background checks and provide references
  • Attend all required trainings, classes, Therapeutic Intervention & Medical classes
  • Pass a home inspection and proof of income requirement
  • Submit physician’s statements on physical & emotional ability to care for child/adolescent

Contact Information

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Program Manager

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