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For some, it's a safe home or food on the table. For others, it's a healthy child, good job, or financial stability. Families and individuals facing difficult challenges turn to A New Leaf for support.

Our mission is "Helping Families...Changing Lives."

Our roots reach back for more than 45 years. We serve residents with essential programs that transform lives. The homeless become homeowners. The abandoned are embraced. The abused find safety.

Helping people find hope is how we commit to the growth and vitality of our community and to future generations.

Programs Across the Valley

Health & Wellness

A New Leaf offers a variety of physical and behavioral health services for families and individuals in need of support. From inpatient care to community behavioral health services, A New Leaf's programs provide many quality services that address a variety of needs, including behavioral health challenges. 

Housing & Shelter

A New Leaf addresses the Valley's need for homeless shelters, affordable housing, basic needs, and comprehensive services to support individuals and families experiencing the housing crisis. These programs focus on helping families and individuals become self-reliant and find safe, stable housing.

Domestic Violence Services

A New Leaf offers a variety of programs that provide victims of domestic violence with safety, housing, and basic needs, as well as court advocacy. These programs also offer support services that include case management, financial coaching, and children's services.

Foster Care

A New Leaf's Foster Care Programs focus on training and licensing potential foster parents to provide children the opportunity to live in a nurturing and stable environment. A New Leaf provides ongoing support to foster families and additional services that include monthly reimbursements, medical and dental coverage, and ongoing training.

Early Childhood Education

A New Leaf's Early Childhood Education Program provides children and families with a foundation for lifelong learning and healthy living. The program works to facilitate, assess, support, and nurture each child in their personal growth and development.

Financial Empowerment

A New Leaf’s Financial Empowerment services help households find financial stability, get ahead in the workforce, and ultimately start a business and pursue their dreams. We imagine a community in which households are able to thrive independently. With programs ranging from emergency financial assistance to entrepreneurial programs, A New Leaf is here to guide our community along every step on the journey to financial freedom. 

Family Support

A New Leaf’s Family Support Services Programs improve household stability and help families create better relationships between adults and children. Comprehensive programs support families in their journey toward healing and stability, helping them to build positive  family dynamics and relationships. 

Service Framework

It is the goal of A New Leaf to advance health equity, improve quality and help eliminate health care disparities by supporting and promoting opportunities to celebrate cultural diversity through the use of printed materials, menu planning, communication and translation services that represent the various cultural and ethnic groups within the community.