Stacy Finds her Better Tomorrow

April 8, 2018

For the first time in her life, Stacy feels truly secure. She has a good, predictable job, financial security, and a stable home for her children. But things haven’t always been so optimistic for her.

As a child, Stacy was in the foster system, bouncing from home to home. In her senior year of high school, she turned eighteen prior to graduation, aging out of foster care. “Every three months that year I would have to legally fight to stay in the system, to stay in my home until I graduated.”

As her home life unraveled, Stacy’s grades began to fall, and she felt emotionally drained. Overwhelmed, she dropped out of high school. She struggled with poverty and homelessness during one of the most challenging times in her life.

Eventually, Stacy found her feet and married the love of her life, Scott. She settled down as a stay-at-home mother with her new daughter, Olivia, and worked part-time from home. But in fall of 2015, her husband was laid off from his job as an electrician. “We were struggling to pay our utilities, our rent, to put food on the table. We got by for a little while, but we needed a long-term solution.”

With a three-year-old to care for and few professional skills, finding a stable job was exceptionally difficult. Stacy worked a few minimum wage jobs, but the cost of childcare was more that she earned. Stacy was without a reliable job solution until she learned of BankWork$, a program at Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE).

BankWork$ provides comprehensive skills training to help individuals secure a job in the finance sector. Students delve deep into business etiquette, banking regulations, cash handling, and interview preparation.

“When I heard of the program, I knew I had to enroll. I wanted to provide for my family, and I knew BankWork$ would give me the step up I needed to do that.” Stacy graduated as one of the top-performing students in the class.

Immediately following graduation, Stacy was recruited by Wells Fargo, a BankWork$ program sponsor. “I’ve been employed with Wells Fargo now for over a year. Thanks to BankWork$, I have already gotten a promotion,” said Stacy.

“I hope more people get involved with AWEE,” Stacy said, reflecting on her experiences. “It helps so many people who are down and out get some control over their lives and become a positive part of society. Anyone can come into one of AWEE’s programs and make something of themselves if they are willing to work. I sure did.”

By helping Stacy create a better tomorrow for herself, you also helped give her children a stable future. You are creating lifelong impact for future generations. Thank you!


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