Charitable Tax Credit for Domestic Violence Relief

September 11, 2018

The Charitable Tax Credit is an Arizona Tax Credit that is also known as the Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations (1). After choosing a charitable organization that qualified, you can donate money to them and file the amount donated under the AZDOR Form 321 (2). The state will refund your donations dollar for dollar when calculating the State Income Tax, you owe, during the next Tax Return Period. However, there is a $400 limit for singles and a $800 limit for couples to donate (3), do not lose or throw your donation receipt.

The Charitable Tax Credit will help aid many people in the Mesa Community. If you live in Mesa, you can understand how unbearable the heat is outside, with temperatures usually hitting the triple digits during the Summer (4). But some people subject themselves to the hazards of the Arizona heat to leave something more unbearable, Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence is a crime where a person commits acts of violence towards their significant other and many people are in these kinds of situations (5). Approximately, 10 million women and men are part of a physically abusive relationship a year (6). And A New Leaf has a mission to help these individuals get not only the mental guidance to traverse this life without the abusive partner, but also to help them support themselves or their family after leaving the abuser. But we cannot help them out without the support of Charitable Donors.

               A shocking fact that nearly 3 women are murdered by their husband or spouse recedes in the United States (7). Although some could be rules as unintended deaths or accidents, some are directly linked to the presence of Domestic Violence. It is never too late to help those that need assistance, getting out of their disturbing situations at home. 38% of Domestic Violence Victims become homeless in their lives (8), this is understandable considering 60% of children are also abused by the family’s abuser (9). We at A New Leaf try to support these families and individuals that find themselves between an unsafe home and hot pavement, here in the Maricopa County. But we can only do that with your help. Please donate to A New Leaf for the betterment of Domestic Violence Victims.


Donate today to end domestic violence.


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