Faith House

For over 35 years, Faith House Domestic Violence Shelter has provided victims and their families with safe haven and support while helping them gain independence through self-empowerment and education. Located in northwest Maricopa County, Faith House offers both emergency shelter for crisis situations as well as long-term transitional shelter for women and children. Thousands of victims have passed through these doors making life changing commitments to themselves and their children for a safer and healthier future.

Faith House Emergency Shelter

Offers a 24-hour, licensed, emergency shelter with 16 beds providing a safe home and new beginnings to fragile victims and survivors of domestic violence. 

Faith House Transitional Shelter

Provides 64 beds/16 units to victims and their children who require long-term assistance to help ensure their self-reliant, safe future.

West Valley Advisory Council

The West Valley Advisory Council is a conduit between concerned citizens in the West Valley and A New Leaf Board and staff. With members from all walks of life, this initiative makes significant impact on those served at Faith House and A New Leaf West Valley Porgrams by increasing awareness and support through volunteers and financial giving.

Council Members:

Betty S. Lynch, Chair
Radhika Bhandari 
Pam Clements 
Brenda Giman 
Patricia Hart 
Juan Labrado 
Debbie Lesko 
David Luna 
Anna Maria Maldonado
Cynthia Odom 
Jason Robinson 
Gina Wojceichowicz 
David Woolstrum 

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