About Us

Welcome to A New Leaf. We are a 46-year community nonprofit organization, providing a broad spectrum of support services to help individuals and families in crisis. Last year we served 24,275 residents across the Valley.  

  • Vulnerable families receive emergency help and life-changing programs for a new start – transforming their lives to become thriving members of the community. Their successes include employment, healthier lifestyles, high school diplomas / GEDs, college degrees, life skills and proud self-sufficiency.
  • A New Leaf is a recognized leader in crisis and family services with 25 program sites Valley wide – from foster care to children's behavioral health services to financial literacy. 

We welcome your support, volunteer time and contributions. Enjoy your time on our website and visit us on social media. A New Leaf is dedicated to your success.


Abraham has always been a hard worker, getting perfect grades and joining clubs. But, when college admissions came and scholarship notifications started to get posted, Abraham ended up with nothing. But that didn’t stop him.

Do you want more opportunities to give to your community? We’ve compiled a list of holiday fundraiser ideas to get involved in yourself or along with other altruistic causes.

The end of the year brings with it the holidays, gift giving, and time for renewal among Valley residents. It also is the time to consider an extra special gift of which many people may not be aware.

As we dive into the season of giving this month, let’s explore how the very action of giving can lead to a more altruistic life, improve our mood and even makes us happy.

This is the riveting story of Flo and how she suffered years of abuse and violence and got her life back at Autumn House through its community of survivors.