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A New Leaf Acquires Homeward Bound

As the challenge of homelessness continues to grow, so does A New Leaf’s commitment to those affected by it. Housing insecurity and homelessness are heightened by the lack of affordable housing, addiction, domestic violence, and poverty. In the spirit of helping families in need, A New Leaf is thrilled to welcome Homeward Bound into A New Leaf’s community of programs.

“By taking on Homeward Bound, we’re not just combining forces; we’re multiplying our impact across the Valley.”

– Tyler Abrahams, A New Leaf Board Chair

For over three decades, Homeward Bound has been a pillar in the Phoenix community, offering a safe haven and a path towards stability for families and individuals experiencing homelessness. Their remarkable dedication and impactful shelter, education, and workforce programs have changed thousands of lives for the better.

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This acquisition comes at a time when the need in our community has never been greater. Each day more families and individuals are having to make the impossible choice between putting food on the table, or paying their bills. By joining forces with Homeward Bound, A New Leaf is expanding its capacity to provide support, and compassionate care to those who need it most.

What is Homeward Bound’s Thunderbirds Village Family Campus?

Homeward Bound’s Thunderbirds Village Family Campus gives families a chance to get off the street, find secure employment, and ultimately save for a long term home or apartment. These 76 units will make families feel safe, comfortable, and dignified. Meals will be offered three times per day at an onsite cafeteria, and a resource center offers residents the chance to be connected to additional services.

Some of the services that will be provided at the Thunderbird Village Family Campus are: early childhood education programs, workforce development, on site laundry services, grocery pantry, playgrounds, and fitness stations

“This is a win for everyone involved – especially for our community, which needs these services now more than ever,”

– Tyler Abrahams, A New Leaf Board Chair.

The journey forward is filled with optimism. A New Leaf is committed to a seamless transition, ensuring that the vital services provided by Homeward Bound continue without interruption. The focus remains on the families and individuals we serve, guiding them towards stability and a future home. A New Leaf wants to ensure that everyone in the community can have a roof over their head and food on the table.

Strong Foundations Early Learning Center

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One of the most exciting parts of this A New Leaf’s acquisition is the Strong Foundations Early Learning Center, a completely free learning program. This center is more than a preschool; it’s a foundational step in a lifelong journey of learning and growth for children aged 0 to 5 for families residing at the Thunderbirds Village Campus.

Strong Foundations Learning Center is dedicated to nurturing children by integrating educational, emotional, and social development into its curriculum. With a focus on early literacy, numeracy, health, and social-learning, every child has the opportunity to thrive in a safe and stimulating environment. 

This program is crucial, especially for families in transition. It offers stability and continuity for children, critical elements during early development stages. With the Strong Foundations program, it’s not just educating children; it’s laying the groundwork for a brighter future. This program will provide a path forward, and continue to ensure that children in the community are able to get the education they deserve.

As A New Leaf and Homeward Bound move forward together, we’re committed to the success and expansion of the Strong Foundations Early Learning Center. It embodies the transformative power of education and our dedication to nurturing potential and resilience in the youngest members of our community.

All of this is possible because of YOU!

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Every family seeking shelter is provided with a private unit where parents can lock a door and feel safe with their children. This allows families to stay together as they overcome homelessness.

A New Leaf’s acquisition of Homeward Bound offers emergency housing to families experiencing homelessness. With the addition of 76 units and other countless resources, families and individuals have a chance to get off the street, find secure work, and save for a long term home or apartment. This life-changing support is only made possible by generous donors like you!

Your generosity, advocacy, and love for your community is what made the acquisition of this new shelter possible. This merger is a testament to what can happen when people come together, and give thousands of people a chance at a better life.

A New Leaf believes that no child, no family, or individual, should have to experience homelessness. By providing urgently needed shelter and assistance to families most in need, you are making our community stronger, safer, and happier.

“Together, we will ensure that families in emergency and transitional housing across our network receive the comprehensive support they need to achieve permanent housing and stability.” – Michael Hughes, A New Leaf CEO


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