About Us

Welcome to A New Leaf. We are a 47-year community nonprofit organization, providing a broad spectrum of support services to help individuals and families in crisis. Last year we served 32,424 residents across the Valley.  

  • Vulnerable families receive emergency help and life-changing programs for a new start – transforming their lives to become thriving members of the community. Their successes include employment, healthier lifestyles, high school diplomas / GEDs, college degrees, life skills and proud self-sufficiency.
  • A New Leaf is a recognized leader in crisis and family services with 30+ program sites Valley wide – from foster care to children's behavioral health services to financial literacy. 

We welcome your support, volunteer time and contributions. Enjoy your time on our website and visit us on social media. A New Leaf is dedicated to your success.

It is difficult to acknowledge that terrible things can happen to young children. An age during which instability, homelessness, and more can impact so much of who you are. There are children right now in our community that are experiencing tragedies far beyond their years.

Watch as Alison shares her story of searching for a quality early childhood education program, and describes the impact Phoenix Day has had on her children, Bishop and Addison.

If you have a student in your life who you want to serve the community, here are some tips for how to encourage teenagers to volunteer with a cause they care about.

Caregiving is a valuable position in our community which often goes unrecognized. Let's look at what National Family Caregivers Month is and how you can celebrate it.

Get an inside look at the longest operating domestic violence shelter in Arizona. Faith House protects nearly 400 women and children a year from domestic violence.