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helping families, changing lives

housing & shelter

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housing & shelter

A New Leaf’s Housing and Shelter programs offer solutions to families and individuals facing homelessness or housing instability.

health & wellness

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health & wellness

A New Leaf’s Health Services programs provide top quality medical and behavioral health resources to communities across the Valley.

sexual & domestic violence

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sexual & domestic violence services

A New Leaf’s Sexual & Domestic Violence programs are dedicated to providing any survivor of sexual or domestic violence with the choice and ability to leave.

family support

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family support

A New Leaf’s Family Support services improve household stability and help families create better relationships
between parents and children.

financial empowerment

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financial empowerment

Financial Empowerment services help households find financial stability, get ahead in the workforce, and ultimately start a business. and pursue their dreams.


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foster care

A New Leaf’s Foster Care program recruits and trains compassionate adults to become licensed foster parents or respite providers for children in the foster care system.

educational services

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educational services

A New Leaf provides quality early childhood education and ongoing educational support for adolescents and adults looking to pursue higher education.

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Rescue families and children from ending up on the streets.

a hand up for those in need

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people experiencing homelessness helped

No family, no child deserves to be on the streets. Your support gives them a home.

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domestic violence survivors rescued from abuse

No victim of abuse should be afraid to come home each day. Your support gives them safety and freedom.

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people given counseling and medical treatment

No person should feel held back by their health. Your support gives them the ability to feel well, both physically and mentally.

blog and news

August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

A New Leaf’s August 2022 Newsletter is here! We want to thank all of our supporters as the back-to-school season reaches full swing. We count on generous people like you to help children in crisis get the supplies and stability they need to go back to school confidently.

World Day Against Human Trafficking

World Day Against Human Trafficking

A New Leaf has been actively engaged in reducing human trafficking in the Valley, and has recently expanded services to help survivors by working with city police departments, multiple nonprofit partners, and Arizona State University.

July 2022 Newsletter

July 2022 Newsletter

A New Leaf’s July 2022 Newsletter has arrived! As a supporter, we want to keep you informed of all the good happening in the world thanks to your donations, contributions, and volunteer time!

Alex’s Story

Alex’s Story

Alex felt utterly hopeless. He had no way to contact his family or even search for resources that might help him. He ended up finding refuge behind some bushes at a church, where he stayed homeless for several weeks.

forever changed by your generosity


I was a mother with one child and another on the way, having walked away from an abusive relationship and I was scared. I felt so alone, at least until I found A New Leaf’s Autumn House.”


Getting back from serving in the military was hard. I ended up homeless for nearly 6 years, and no one would help me until I found A New Leaf. You gave me a second chance to live again, I can never repay you for how you changed my life.”


Thanks to A New Leaf I was able to own my mistakes, grow from them, and now I provide a stable home to my children. Other families on the streets need to have the same chance I got to make things right. Without the supporters of A New Leaf, those families – my family...
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Dave’s Story

Getting back from serving in the military was hard. I ended up homeless for nearly 6 years, and no one would help me until I found A New Leaf. You gave me a second chance to live again, I can never repay you for how you changed my life.” Dave was born on the Navajo...
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By choosing to leave an abusive situation, I showed my kids that my life matters. I matter. That’s been a really important lesson that I’ve tried to teach them. Especially my daughter. I am so thankful.”“I’ve been through some hard times, but my family is happy now”...
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