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When you give to A New Leaf for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, you make a direct impact in the life of someone in crisis. Your donation will directly provide:

– Safe shelter for a family experiencing homelessness –

– Food boxes for families struggling to put food on the table –

– Safety and legal support for survivors of domestic violence –

– Counseling for veterans recovering from homelessness –

You will also qualify for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit up to $800 for married couples, or up to $400 for individuals. Plus, you can still qualify for the school, foster care, and veteran tax credits as well.

make your generous donation using our secure form:

frequently asked questions

Can I claim this tax credit and still donate to the school and foster care tax credit programs?

Yes, they are separate tax credits. When you give to A New Leaf for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, you can still give to school, foster care, and veteran tax credits.

Do I have to donate exactly $400 for singles or $800 for married couples?

Amounts lower than $400 and $800 also qualify.

Must I itemize my taxes to take the credit?

You may claim the AZ Charitable Tax Credit even if you do not itemize.

Can I break up my donation into monthly amounts?

Yes, you can select the monthly payment option or call our Philanthropy Office at (480) 464-4648 to make arrangements.

az charitable tax credit



A New Leaf is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. A New Leaf Tax EIN # 86-025666. QCO Code is 20075. Please consult your tax advisor for specific questions related to your taxes.