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A New Leaf’s Family Connections program is a change-focused intervention that helps families to set and achieve goals that will facilitate healthier family dynamics. Family goals include Social Support, Family Functioning, Family Resources, Child Well Being, Parenting Attitudes and Managing Parenting Stress.

Help begins when a Family Connections Consultant meets with the family in individualized sessions to best address each family member’s needs based on their unique situations. This ensures that families receive the right services and support at the right time. 

The Family Connections Program also connects families to services so parents can meet the family’s needs which can include; utility, rent or child care assistance, emergency food or clothing, household furniture and supplies, and connection to mental or behavioral health and substance use resources. 

By helping families address their unique challenges, connecting them to urgently needed resources, and by simply giving them an opportunity to help themselves, A New Leaf is creating stronger families across the Valley.

families forever changed


A New Leaf is a helping hand. There are people there who will help you, but you gotta want it, too. They open up the door for you. But you have to walk through it. It is geared to get you on the way to where you need to go.
Rodney Spark
Melinda edit 1200


Without the resources that A New Leaf was able to provide, I don’t know where I would be today. I don’t know where my daughter would be today,” says Melinda.
Breana edit resize


By choosing to leave an abusive situation, I showed my kids that my life matters. I matter. That’s been a really important lesson that I’ve tried to teach them. Especially my daughter. I am so thankful. I’ve been through some hard times, but my family is happy now…”

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