Phoenix Day Early Childhood Education

Committed to Providing Children with Lifelong Learning Skills

Phoenix Day provides children and families a foundation for lifelong learning and healthy living. In addition to its dual language, evidence- based curriculum, Phoenix Day offers assistance to families in accessing state benefit programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, AHCCCS and local emergency utility assistance support and other family resources

Committed to using innovative and progressive strategies to meet the educational and health needs of the community, Phoenix Day delivers comprehensive early childhood education and wellness programs.

In 2017, Phoenix Day merged with A New Leaf in order to maximize resources and infrastructure to further develop their services and impact. "We are delighted that Phoenix Day will be a vital part of our life-saving programs" said Brad Snyder, Board Chair of A New Leaf. "Together, we are committed to improving child welfare and bringing all available resources to impact what is agrugably the most critical time in a young person's life, before age five."



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