Ashley’s Story

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You saved Ashley and her daughter from homelessness.

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Ashley, a single mother, entered La Mesita this past July. A recent divorce resulting from domestic violence, followed by loss of employment, and then an eviction from her apartment forced Ashley and her daughter to become homeless. After calling local cities for assistance, Ashley was connected to A New Leaf.


Upon arriving at A New Leaf’s La Mesita Family Homeless Shelter, Ashley explained that she was in school and had also been applying for jobs, but just could not keep up with her rent. During the intake, Ashley shared that she had interviewed with a potential employer in the social service field a couple of days prior. Before the intake was over, she received a call back and was offered a position.

After losing her job and being evicted, Ashley and her daughter became homeless.

Ashley had also applied for a different position that she explained as her “dream job”: a management position with a different agency. Ashley explained that all of her professional experience was in the social service field.


She wanted a job in social services because she simply believed that every person deserves a second chance and that every person should be able to receive help when they need it. Ashley felt that her success in life would be measured by how many people she could help.

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Later in her day of intake, Ashley was contacted about her dream job and scheduled an interview the following day. When Ashley returned to La Mesita, she came to the case management building with a huge smile on her face and told staff that she was offered the position and had accepted the job.


With the help of staff, Ashley was able to secure clothing for work to look more professional, and Ashley’s daughter was given new clothing and needed supplies for school. Both Ashley and her daughter had come to the La Mesita Family Shelter with only the clothes on their back and were in desperate need.

Thanks to supporters of A New Leaf, Ashley and her daughter were given safety and shelter while she found a job and a new apartment

After some time at A New Leaf’s shelter, Ashley was able to save enough to rent a small home in the city of Mesa, allowing her and her daughter to leave the shelter early. Ashley appreciated the help, but didn’t want to stay any longer than she needed to. She had gotten back on her feet and was ready to move on.


When she left A New Leaf’s Shelter, Ashley was able to report that she had saved a rainy day fund to make sure she would never be homeless again. Thanks to her determination and the services that A New Leaf provided, Ashley and her family are working towards being self-sufficient and stable. 

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