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A society committed to nourish, cultivate, and strengthen families in our community.

We believe every member of our community deserves the chance to escape the weeds of humanity and blossom in prosperity. Together, we are working to provide thriving environments whereby struggling families can escape impeding threats and enjoy a fresh start.

There is much work to be done.
As a member of The Garden, you can nourish the lives of families today with a monthly gift.
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$25 provides

1 day of therapeutic after-school care


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2 hours of workforce development


$67* provides

9 days of food and basic needs


$100 provides

2 nights of emergency shelter


$200 provides

2 weeks of trauma-informed counseling


$400 provides

a customized life start-up kit for families entering the shelter or new home


Gifts of any size are welcome and much needed. Please give what you can today.

* take the credit!

Your gift of $34 or $67 a month allows you to take full advantage of the AZ Tax Credit,

up to $400 for single filers and $800 for married couples filing jointly.

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As a member of The Garden, you will have access to exclusive benefits at A New Leaf. The same way Arizona offers year-round sunshine and harvesting seasons, you can enjoy the fruits of your giving year-round with other members of The Garden. Together, we will celebrate your giving while pausing to enjoy the beauty of each season in The Garden.

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We are all about reaping the rewards of our hard work! And that’s exactly what we do. The Garden makes a difference. Explore the lives that we have changed and the power that comes from sustained giving.

housing & homeless shelters
Rachel 1

Rachel found a haven at A New Leaf’s La Mesita after escaping an abusive relationship and the homelessness that followed. Like many seeking refuge, Rachel found safety after wading through years of blood, sweat, and tears.


By the time Rachel was 17 she was the mother of two sweet girls, but silently suffered through the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of her boyfriend.


When her boyfriend ended up in prison, Rachel and her daughters lived inside her broken down car with peanut butter and a loaf of bread. Rachel’s life turned around the moment she found La Mesita Family Homeless Shelter at A New Leaf.


“At La Mesita, I was able to heal from the abuse I experienced and learn how to start over. I got help with finding a good job and was then able to move into an apartment of my own with my girls.”


One day, Rachel hopes to be in a place where she can give back in the same way you are helping her, and her family right now.

sexual & domestic violence shelters
Kellie 1

50 years of abuse may seem like a lifetime full of pain, tragedy, and hardship. But Kellie’s optimism reflects anything but sorrow.


Kellie knows there are endless possibilities and discoveries ahead of her, and we are humbled that A New Leaf has been a part of her journey of restored hope.


Kellie came to A New Leaf’s Faith House after enduring 50 years of abusive relationships. With all justification to harbor bitterness, Kellie showed herself the true power of what it means to change.


Her stay at Faith House helped her re-discover who she is, and she shared with us the beautiful truths she now lives by:

– My life is MINE.
– My body is MINE.
– My actions did not cause my abuser’s actions.
– I am not defined by the trauma I have experienced.
– Violence and pain are not part of a loving relationship.
– I have value as a human being, woman, mother, friend, worker, and partner.
– I deserve to be happy.


We have been blessed to witness Kellie’s transformation. Your continued support has changed more lives than you know, and we are honored to share a special glimpse into the transformation that takes place in our shelters.


financial empowerment programs
Abraham right side 1

Abraham was determined to go to college. He worked diligently through high school to set himself up for success in higher education. However, the scholarships he earnestly worked for never came through.


Pushing past this obstacle, Abraham balanced two jobs, internships, his family responsibilities, and a full course-load while attending Mesa Community College. Means were tight and he was barely getting by when he discovered A New Leaf’s Assets to Opportunity Program. This program helped Abraham connect to the appropriate financial resources he needed to complete his degree.


The services offered at A New Leaf enabled Abraham to quit his second job and focus on school. His years of hard work and dedication paid off. Abraham graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design as the first member in his family to ever graduate college.

educational programs
London 1

The struggle from missing school and the stress of being homeless was having a deep impact on ten-year-old London. The result of these struggles was evident in her failing schoolwork and London was falling behind quickly.


When London’s parents found a secure apartment at A New Leaf’s La Mesita Family Homeless Shelter, they quickly enrolled London in the free, onsite La Mesita After School Program (LMASP). After only two weeks of tutoring, London achieved her first perfect score on math homework and her first B+ on a test.


She consistently attended the summer program at LMASP and started the new school year off strong! The extra attention and patience of the staff at LMASP gave London the support she needed to catch up and cope with the trauma she had been experiencing.



London is now excelling in school and has blossomed into a confident leader as she teaches younger students at LMASP.

health & wellness programs
Mya and Mom 2

Trapped. Susanne recognized the seriousness of her thirteen-year-old daughter’s situation. Mya’s severe depression and anxiety kept her alone in dark room, away from the light, away from socializing and even away from her parents. “The changes in Mya were gradual, and I felt like she was slipping away to a purgatory of no escape,” said Susanne. “I was terrified.”



Susanne knew A New Leaf could help. After struggling to get Mya to go see a therapist at A New Leaf’s Dorothy B. Mitchell Counseling Center, Susanne started to see small positive changes. Mya slowly opened up to her therapist and eventually trusted her new friend. “Katina has been so caring and supportive,” said Susanne. “She speaks to Mya on her own level and helps her see the world in a new way.”


The change in Mya has been a complete 180. Mya now has a close circle of friends, goals for her future career, and a healthy relationship with her mom.


“I am so grateful to A New Leaf for this incredible improvement in my daughter’s life,” said Susanne. “I know that the staff at A New Leaf are experts in helping children improve their lives.”

foster care
Mila edit 1200

Mila and Christopher devotedly fostered twenty-six children over the past seven years. Unable to have their own children, Mila and Christopher set to fill their home with love by fostering dozens of children in need of love and support.


In return, their dreams of a forever family changed when four of their foster children became eligible for adoption. Without hesitation, Mila and Christopher welcomed each child as their own. “Our children are our biggest cheerleaders, and they have each done their part in contributing to our home,” said Mila.


A New Leaf’s Foster Care Program has given Mila and Christopher the necessary resources to support their journey through the foster care experience.  “A New Leaf is such a wonderful organization,” said Mila. “They have shared our high points and low points. We know they always have our backs, and that means a great deal.”

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