Yvonne’s Story

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how you rescued Yvonne from domestic violence


Yvonne was a single mother with a newborn son, and she was desperate to find a better home for her small family. She had suffered over a year of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her husband and was terrified that her son would be next.


She knew that the only solution was to leave, but that was incredibly scary for Yvonne. She feared what would happen if she tried to leave, but failed and had to come back. What would her husband do to her then?

Yvonne had suffered over a year of abuse at the hands of her husband and was terrified that her son would be next.

One night, after her son was asleep and her husband had passed out drinking in the kitchen, Yvonne called A New Leaf’s domestic violence hotline. She was immediately given shelter at A New Leaf’s Autumn House Domestic Violence Shelter, and for the first time in over a year she was able to sleep in peace. She was able to know that her son was safe.


Yvonne had been wanting to get better for so long, but she didn’t realize how hurt she had become after enduring so much abuse. With encouragement from staff members, Yvonne enrolled in counseling for herself, and parenting classes with her son.


 She knew a lot of bad habits she had developed to survive the abuse had to change. But she was ready to make those changes to provide a loving home for her son, she loved him more than anything in the world.


As she worked to heal from the trauma, Yvonne set her sights on how to provide for herself. After a couple of weeks in the safety of Autumn House, she knew that she could never bring her son back into such a dangerous situation – she had to make this work.

Thanks to supporters like you, Yvonne found safety at Autumn House Domestic Violence Shelter.

To get started, Yvonne enrolled in an 8-week training course that would make her eligible for a variety of higher paying office administration jobs. After the 8 weeks were up and Yvonne graduated, she worked tirelessly to obtain employment. She eventually got a job at a local accounting firm and was able to start saving for her own apartment.


Yvonne was able to find an apartment manager who was willing to work with her current income, and she was able to secure a two bedroom apartment. After spending just over 90 days at Autumn House, Yvonne had completely changed her life. She had taken every step to make sure that she would be able to be independent, safe, and provide a loving home for her son.



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