A New Leaf's Response to COVID-19

Putting Safety and Essential Services First

With the recent spread of COVID-19 and the disruption it has caused in the Valley, A New Leaf is taking steps to address the crisis and protect the health of clients, staff, volunteers, donors, and the community at large.

A variety of precautionary measures have been implemented, such as minimizing gatherings, social distancing, enhanced deep cleaning and sanitation of facilities, encouraging everyone to practice good hygiene, and having all staff wear face coverings when appropriate. 

This is consistent with the advice published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), and state/local ordinances. Additionally, staff members are working from home, utilizing tele-health protocols, and using phone sessions when possible. 

Community Programs and Current Operations

A New Leaf is dedicated to continuing to meet the urgent, and growing needs in our community during this health crisis. We remain open for business while taking these precautionary steps.

A New Leaf programs, clinics and shelters remain open to serve our community, including:

A New Leaf healthcare centers and clinics remain open, including:

A New Leaf Counseling Centers are utilizing tele-health options when available.

The following programs have suspended operations until further notice:

Volunteers and Donors

To keep our community as safe and healthy as possible, we must cease all volunteer activities within our program facilities until further notice. This greatly minimizes the risk to those we serve, as well as to our valuable volunteers.

For those wanting to make a financial gift to help households in crisis, we recommend making a gift online HERE, or by mailing a check to 868 E. University Drive, Mesa, AZ 85203.

Urgently Needed Donations

A New Leaf is facing a massive shortage of donations, and increased need in the community. For those looking to donate items or food, the community is especially  desperate for donations of:

Donation drives are to be completed off-site and delivered. Contact Bridget or Natalie at (480) 464-4648 for details or questions.

Visiting A New Leaf’s Locations

To protect the clients and patients we service, please do not visit A New Leaf offices or program locations if you are ill. If you are sick and need access to services, please call us to discuss alternatives. Below are some phone resources, depending on your needs:

  • For Philanthropy services or to make a donation, please call 480-464-4648.
  • For administration or other inquiries, please call 480-969-4024.
  • For specific program phone numbers, please visit our program pages HERE

Words of Support to the Community

A New Leaf’s clients are among the most vulnerable members of the community, many without insurance or with limited health resources. They are at a higher risk, and staff members are coming together creatively and proactively to help each family prepare. We are doing our absolute best to stay safe and provide for the urgent needs in the community.

To those that have reached out, or given support: Thank you. During times of crisis, it is values such as compassion, love, and generosity that gets us through.