Domestic Violence Services

Mental and emotional abuse. Physical and sexual assault. Spiritual degradation. These are the harrowing experiences that afflict the women, men and children who come to A New Leaf for help. We offer a pathway to hope for victims as they seek refuge from abuse and violence.

Crisis Intervention

A New Leaf operates the 24-hour Centralized Screening Crisis Hotline for domestic violence victims for Maricopa County. Staff refer callers to the appropriate intervention with safety as the number one priority.

To access A New Leaf’s 24-hour Crisis Hotline, call 480-890-3039 or 1-844-SAFEDVS.

Safety and Basic Needs

A New Leaf offers safe temporary housing and support at Autumn House in the East Valley and at Faith House in the West Valley. Both shelters provide up to 120 days of emergency shelter to afford victims and their children the time and resources needed to recover from the trauma they have experienced and gain independence from their abuser. In addition to safe housing, meals, and basic needs, support services include case management, financial coaching, employment assistance, childcare, life skills development and referrals for additional assistance.

To find placement at A New Leaf’s shelters, call 480-890-3039 or 1-844-SAFEDVS.

Overflow Shelter

The Domestic Violence Safe Temporary Overflow Program (DV STOP) provides temporary shelter at a site in Mesa, along with case management, basic needs, safety planning, and other referrals for services.

To utilize this service, please call 480-890-3039 or 1-844-SAFEDVS.

Legal Assistance

A New Leaf’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program provides assistance with navigating the legal system, helping victims obtain Orders of Protection, Injunctions of Harassment, and providing counsel in cases of unwanted contact, stalking or other threats. Court Advocates are bilingual in Spanish and English and provide assistance in person or over the phone. Advocates will also accompany individuals to court hearings for support.

To access services, please contact:

Glendale City Court

  • 5711 W. Glendale Ave
  • Glendale, AZ 85301
  • 623-930-2004

Protective Order Center

  • Northeast Regional Court Center
  • 18380 N. 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85032       
  • 602-372-7605

Breaking the Cycle

The most dangerous time in a domestic violence victim’s life is when she makes the difficult decision to leave. A New Leaf recognizes that this decision takes bravery and determination. The collective goal of A New Leaf’s Domestic Violence Services is to provide immediate safety followed by the support and resources needed for women, men and children to break the cycle of abuse. We strive to help as many victims as possible become SURVIVORS.