Youth and Behavioral Services

A New Leaf believes that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Promoting the development and well-being of children and families through inpatient care and community behavioral health services help make this possible.

Several resources provided by A New Leaf to support children and young people include:

  • Alice Peterson Residence, Mesa

  • Helaman House, Mesa

  • Dorothy B. Mitchell Residence, Mesa

  • Larry Simmons Residence, Mesa

  • West Valley Community Behavioral Health, Glendale

  • After School Program, East Valley and Glendale

Outpatient Counseling

Dorothy B. Mitchell Counseling Center and West Valley Community Behavioral Health

A New Leaf's Dorothy B. Mitchell Counseling Center and West Valley Community Behavioral Health Services Center provide confidential services for children, youth and their families. Counseling, case management, medication management and support services are provided for those eligible under the Mercy Maricopa Integrated Health contract. We also accept self-pay clients for counseling and psychiatric services. Areas of focus include the following:

  • Helping children be successful in home, school and community

  • Strengthening family relationships

  • Addressing and resolving adjustment challenges linked to trauma

  • Developing skills for self-sufficiency

  • Creating health-promoting experiences for children and families

Services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment and placement in individual and/or group counseling

  • Crisis management

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy

  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

  • Family counseling

  • In-home family support through the Parent and Children Teaming Together Program (PACTT)

  • Social skills training and activities programs through the After School Program


Dorothy B. Mitchell Counseling Center
1655 East University Drive
Mesa, AZ 85203

West Valley Community Behavioral Health Services
8581 N. 61st Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85302

After School Program

A New Leaf's After School Program provides children and young people a chance to participate in fun and instructive learning activities, games, challenges, behavioral therapies and other life-skill building activities. Located in Mesa and Glendale, the after-school program is popular among parents who can see a significant increase in learning and awareness once children participate in the program. 

For assistance with these services, please call 480-832-9268.

Residential Youth Services

A New Leaf has four licensed and accredited  therapeutic residential homes for children and young people, offering specialized treatment for the resolution of trauma and general mental or behavioral health needs. Beyond the basics of food, safety and shelter, the program provides additional resources to specifically address the child’s unique physical, social, emotional and/or behavioral needs.  This may include counseling to address past trauma and abuse, behavioral interventions for aggressive and/or violent behavior, specialized medical care, and a myriad of other services required to stabilize behavior and optimize personal growth and development.  

For assistance with these services, please call 480-733-3075.